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RUBBER SEALS FOR AUTOMATIC, REVOLVING AND                                           SLIDING DOORS

ÖZGÜR SÜNGER LASTİK  provides a range of seals for revolving, sliding and hinged doors for the entrances of commercial buildings.
Automatic Door Seals are mechanically spring loaded seals that lift clear of the floor as the door opens and seal tight when the door is closed. Automatic door bottom seals can be face mounted and some models can be fully concealed. They operate over uneven floor surfaces and like sweep seals can be used with Raven threshold plates that offer added protection against rain infiltration where doorways may be exposed to more severe weather conditions.
Automatic Revolving Door Seals are currently the only special purpose product that  can offer complete  sealant for doors. The sealing strips all adopt imported materials, durable and with a very strong aging resistance.It can make  the door  open and close smoothly, save energy and retain beautiful appearance.
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